Caricatures Offer A Different Way Of Seeing The Familiar

Caricatures have been around since the mid-1750’s and are a special form of creative art where the artist specifically hones in on one feature, the prominent feature of the subject. They existed before then but not as a common thing.

Humorous illustration chicago will look for a defining quality – which could be as simple as a very high forehead or big ears and us that to create something that is instantly recognizable. It doesn’t have to be a person necessarily. It is possible to caricature a city or an item. The point is that the drawing is highly stylized and also that the essence is depicted in a single window.

Is a caricature a cartoon?

There are similarities between the two. In fact, it might be true to say that all caricatures are cartoons, whereas all cartoons are not caricatures.

Humorous illustration chicago

Cartoons can be a single frame, but don’t have to be. Anyone who has read any comic books inherently knows that it’s not the case. And while a cartoonist might use a visual key to reflect a personality there is no need to do so. Cartoon characters do not necessarily have a defining feature exaggerated as a metaphor for the person or place concerned.

What if you don’t know the person or place?

With a caricature of a building or an article, it is harder to classify as a caricature if you don’t know the place. You need to have a sense of why the building is being used as a metaphor for the city and why it is relevant as such. If you don’t know, you’re not going to get the whole joke. You may see the illustration as a cartoon, but miss the irony or why it is an in-joke.