When your cat’s named Roxie Hart, what else are you going to do?

I suppose it isn’t all that surprising that someone who calls their cat after a small time Chicago murderer is going to mad about the performing arts.

New York city cabaret

This is one of those stories where someone’s passion and love becomes so much more than something to look at once in a while. It becomes the ‘thing’ they do.

Twenty years after creating New York city cabaret its owner Elizabeth Ahlfors is now a go-to person for all sorts of different theatre, musical theatre and on and off-Broadway productions. It was a love born as a result of living in the city which was edgy when she was born there, and where theatre has not changed from the living on the edge mentality.

Her views and her ability to write spread out over time and she started to write about the Philadelphia scene as well. What makes her different is her independent view. With all those years of seeing the good, the bad and the downright ugly, this woman knows exactly what makes for good theatre.

If you want to know a bit more than “I know what I like”, such as what makes good theatre or why this production had great sets but the music sucks, you can begin to get the inside steer by checking out Elizabeth’s website.

She’s not just a view of the theatre though. The other part of the job is the writing. Real writers have an interest in everything and they have the gift to make it fascinating and something you want to check out. Elizabeth clearly has that, she writes for all sorts of diverse needs.

If you’re going to the theatre in NYC do you a favor and read what she has to say.